Unstuck is a feel-good story about social distancing life during the Covid-19 pandemic, written from a child’s perspective. The author is a mom of two girls, who also happens to have a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology.


After weeks of being home, LuLu gets a letter from her pal, The School. Join their conversation as they get unstuck on the burdens of their “new normal”. This is a timely and much-needed story for any parent, teacher, or loved-one looking to walk a mile in a child’s shoes during an era where walking requires a mask.


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Mom & Dad

Mrs. Pickledjacket

The School


Gizem Tanol, Ph.D.


About the Author

Born and raised in Istanbul, Gizem was just 26 years old when she was awarded a doctoral degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Minnesota. After having her fair share of near frostbite experiences in Minnesota, the city girl in her was drawn to New York City. Gizem became a consultant for New York University's prestigious public school program and taught teachers as an adjunct professor at Hunter College, CUNY, for many years. She was awarded the Rising Alumni Award for early distinction in her career, and she spent a decade working with toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary school-aged children. She continues her consultation work and teacher training at Rutgers University. Gizem also does private parent coaching internationally. 

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